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I witnessed so many frustrated entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives fail to reach their target audience because they got too burned out to create enough photos for their marketing material, or the photos they have are outdated and unaligned with their brand and goals.

to go from taking cheesy selfies and low-quality iphone pictures that would take hours to make for only a couple days of use, to creating photos for marketing material that can be used for month's to come in only a few days.

My clients have said they never thought it was possible...


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Now we are SO stoked to be able to use storytelling photography skills and pour it into businesses that need my help standing out in such a saturated marketplace. 

With 6+ years of portrait, wedding, and lifestyle photography experience, I have met incredible entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives that are trying to be heard in a busy market, but they just can't be taken seriously with low-quality photos. Seeing this need for high-quality photos of these people, businesses, and services, made me pour all that I have learned from portrait, wedding, and lifestyle work into branding photography.

my team and i help entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives get the attention they deserve through strategic storytelling photography.

Hi, I'm Rena

But God has been the best business partner.

I have been flown across the globe countless times for different photography gigs with such incredible clients, tripled my income from when I was working in the medical field, and I am SO excited that you could be the next person I visit and help succeed. 

If you would have told me 10 years ago when I was on the medical-field track, that I would be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time photographer, I would have laughed in your face.

It makes me so excited to get out of bed every day, knowing my work will help someone else succeed in their passion.

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Lauren | Personal Branding

KATRENA IS ONE OF THE MOST FUN, TALENTED, + HARDWORKING PHOTOGRAPHERS I’VE KNOWN. She poses you well, edits well, and is just a downright fabulous person."


Daniela | Personal Branding

Katrena is an absolute joy to work with. I have never felt more comfortable with a photographer - she has been my go-to gal since 2017. I can't recommend her enough.

"She brings so much energy and professionalism to a shoot and brings your wildest ideas to life.

Ally | Portraits

She creates a comfortable, fun environment where posing feels natural and you feel you can actually just be yourself during the shoot!

"Katrena has an amazing way of capturing individual personality and beauty.

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